Photo contest rules

  • Your photo must not be manipulated. We do allow some adjustments however. If you modify the colour or sharpness in the photo, you must acknowledge this in the comments box when you upload.
  • By sending in your photo, you give us the right to publish it in the magazine and online
  • We reserve the right to remove photographs, which are deemed to be offensive, defamatory, or in poor taste.
  • The winning photograph is selected and judged on its ability to catch the eye.
  • You do not have to be a subscriber to upload photos, or participate in the competitions.
  • Professional photographers may not upload photos or participate in competitions
  • You may only enter one photo in each competition.
  • The file must be larger than 1MB, but no bigger than 10MB
  • The minimum dimensions for the photo are 2200 x 1600 pixels

Beställ nyhetsbrev

Gratis nyhetsbrev från National Geographic.

Anmäl dig så får du varje vecka:

  • Underhållande videosekvenser
  • De senaste artiklarna
  • Veckans galleri

Delta i Läsarnas bästa bilder

Delta i National Geographics månatliga fototävling. Vinnaren får sin bild publicerad i National Geographic. Varje månad är det ett nytt tema.

NYTT NUMMER ”Vi är på Mars om tio år”

Elon Musk grundade år 2002 sitt rymdbolag SpaceX. Nu förkunnar han att han är redo att skicka en bemannad expedition till Mars om tio år.

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